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Safe for you, your customers, and the bees


As a family owned and operated small business, we prioritize saving the bees by using natural methods to preserve bee health and mother earth.

Bob, a beekeeper, completed his apprenticeship with the largest commercial beekeeper in Southern Missouri in 2014. Jenna, a medical entomologist, completed her Ph.D. at the University of Notre Dame, where she researched mosquitoes that transmit diseases in Indonesia. Together they run Bob’s Bee Relocation.

All bee removal services are live relocations using natural master beekeeper techniques. Off-site, Bob will continue to raise your infestation of bees where their services are more welcomed.


What is bee relocation?

Relocation is a no kill strategy for removing a hive (or swarm) that is a chemical free, safe alternative to extermination. Relocation involves the cutting of established hive parts (such as comb) off the infested property and trapping the bees, alive, in a new hive for removal. Not only is relocation better for the bees, it's also better for property owners because leftover hive parts and residues, which are usually left by extermination agencies, can draw a future swarm to their property.

Food for the world

As you probably already know, bees are responsible for pollinating crops that provide much of the food that we eat. In fact, about 1 out of every 3.5 bites that you take is thanks to these hardworking insects. That’s also about $15 billion in agricultural productivity.


Honey Bee Troubles

You might also know that honey bee populations have declined dramatically this century. Although the exact causes for this are not fully determined, the use of pesticides, pests such as varroa mites, and many other factors all play a role.

“Pest control" (extermination)

One completely avoidable cause of unnecessary bee death is the overuse of lethal pest control measures. In general, if the agency doesn’t specify the “control” method, it’s going to be using chemical sprays to kill the hive.


When and How to Book Bee Removal

Every service comes with peace of mind: an ExactPrice quote. Bob will walk you through the exact costs of bee removal, as well as descriptions of other necessary activities for the removal of bees off your property.

Pricing for Bee Relocation depends on two things: Accessibility and Hive Establishment. The table below provides a breakdown of Bob's Bee Relocation pricing, which you'll find to be refreshingly transparent and aggressively competitive in Southwest Arizona.

When to call (swarming vs. established hives):

If you can physically see a ball of bees on the outside of a tree or structure, CALL ASAP!

These swarming bees are docile and easy to relocate (as safe and cheap as they're going to be)! The longer you wait, the more likely they will take up residence somewhere nearby (such as a residential wall). Once they've chosen a home, the bees are more likely to become defensive of it (stinging) posing a risk to you, your family, or clients.

For a more established hive, Bob will work with you to create a service plan based on what the best timing is for you and the bees. Generally, early morning or late evening is the best for bees, as they are all home, so no bee is left behind. However, an even greater concern is the safety of the people near the hive at the time of removal. The removal of an established hive should be done at a time without pedestrian traffic, especially young children, for the safety of our clients and customers.

Call or message now for your free quote!

Bee removal estimates can be vague and unreliable. That’s why Bob prides himself on price transparency and accurate evaluation. For every job, you’ll get a FREE ExactPrice estimate contract to establish the exact cost of the job before-hand.

Story: Sofia got stung in her woodshed again – 3rd time this week! She calls Bob’s Bee Relocation and Bob comes out to provide an ExactPrice quote. In little time, Bob has located the hive underneath the floorboards. He finds the hive entrance (a small hole nearby) and gets a good look at the hive. It looks to be several months old, but not overly large. Bob uses the table above: $75 (base removal) x2 (moderate accessibility) x2 (new hive) = $300. Sofia signs the price estimate and agreement for Bob to temporarily remove 2 floorboards in the shed. After Bob opens it, the hive turns out to be enormous – the biggest he’s ever seen. Sofia doesn’t have to worry, because she’s already signed her ExactPrice quote and has the $300 price locked in. Bob gets the job done in record time while Sofia's family is at work/school and makes no attempt to extract any other charges for the service.

Quick and easy bee removal for commercial and public property

Story: Jim operates commercial business fronts near Dove Mountain. Lately, businesses have been complaining about customers being stung in the parking lot. Jim sees a ball of bees in a tree in the middle of the parking lot. He calls Bob's Bee Relocation and Bob arrives within the hour to provide an ExactPrice quote due to this high stake need on a commercial property. Bob shows the estimate and reasoning to Jim - $100, since this is a swarm in June with no established hive. Jim gives Bob any discounts he may have gotten from local events or the website, and the price is adjusted. If Jim is in agreement, he signs the ExactPrice quote and Bob has the bees out of the parking lot in no time.


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