Swarm Traps

The gold standard for humans and bees living in harmony.


Swarm trapping is a method of insuring against the most inconvenient honeybee problems by baiting swarms into easily relocated “swarm traps.” Removing a swarm trap once it captures a colony is the quickest, lowest risk outcome for removing honeybees from a property. In addition, honeybees relocated using swarm trapping have the highest chance for survival compared to other feral bee relocation strategies, making swarm trapping the most ecological method for bee management.




Swarm traps are cavities designed to be optimal for a bee colony. In addition to being appropriate in dimension and location, they often utilize old bee comb (which a new colony sees the same way you’d see a safe filled with money under the floorboards of a recently purchased home) and a pheromone lure (mimics the queen’s ‘scent’ - though the science isn’t out on whether these improve trap efficacy).

The idea is that a bee swarm looking for a new home will move into these traps instead of an unwanted area nearby.

Swarm traps are effective, and offset the cost of honeybee problems from acute, high liability, high cost situations to years of predictable trap maintenance.

Swarm Trap1.png