Relocate, Don't Exterminate!

Relocation is a no kill strategy for removing a hive (or swarm) that is a chemical free, safe alternative to extermination. Relocation involves the cutting of established hive parts (such as comb) off the infested property and trapping the bees, alive, in a new hive for removal. Not only is relocation better for the bees, it's also better for property owners because leftover hive parts and residues, which are usually left by extermination agencies, can draw a future swarm to their property.

Food for the world

As you probably already know, bees are responsible for pollinating crops that provide much of the food that we eat. In fact, about 1 out of every 3.5 bites that you take is thanks to these hardworking insects. That’s also about $15 billion in agricultural productivity.


Honey Bee Troubles

You might also know that honey bee populations have declined dramatically this century. Although the exact causes for this are not fully determined, the use of pesticides, pests such as varroa mites, and many other factors all play a role.

“Pest control" (extermination)

One completely avoidable cause of unnecessary bee death is the overuse of lethal pest control measures. In general, if the agency doesn’t specify the “control” method, it’s going to be using chemical sprays to kill the hive.