Environmental Missions

Why make a big deal about taking ecological steps to offset the footprint of commerce?


Because it sets a model that other businesses can follow for an environmentally and economically sustainable future, all while educating everyone involved about the importance of pollinators.


That’s why when we partner with a company, we want to make sure their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

Cultural norms for how people sustain business while maintaining a healthy relationship with mother earth are becoming stronger. It’s vitally important that businesses, especially those with a large footprint, demonstrate their commitment to nature through various green initiatives.


Using ecological bee relocation strategies, especially swarm trapping, demonstrates a commitment to pollinators – an incredibly important subcategory of life on earth.



















Bob’s Bee Relocation will work directly with companies to develop a program that reduces or completely offsets the footprint of commercial businesses, while educating interested parties about the importance of pollinators.

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