• Bob Baskin

Queen Elizabeth

Dynamic, energetic, stalwart, and hard to reach. Literally. 18 feet up in a construction zone, this colony was a swarm the day before, but was starting to build a hive. The construction team didn't want to kill the bees. Instead, Elizabeth and the girls were relocated to her estates in Marana.

Some say Queen Elizabeth looks down on others to this day. This colony was only a few hours into establishing a new hive in an active construction zone. I'm not positive the tenants would have been super pleased if the builders handed them the keys along with this infestation.


First arrival in the morning at their new home in Marana. It's going to be a hot one today and they'll need to find some water before too long.

When the first arrive I also give them some cool water mist at the hive entrance for them to get the box at a more stable temperature quickly. Some of the workers all over this box are there to collect that water. A few others just haven't oriented themselves yet.

Home sweet home! Huge kudos to the construction crew for thinking of and choosing relocation over extermination!

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