• Bob Baskin

Queen Anne

Plagued by ill health since her early years, the real Queen Anne had 17 pregnancies, but lost all to misfortune. Despite having no natural predecessor, she managed to pass her reign on without conflict. Fortunately for our Queen Anne, she appears to have a few thousand living children and appears to be making a new home as well. Unfortunately, inside of the garage wall is not where most people like their honey bees. In fact, the bees really didn't like the vibrations being caused by the garage door either.

On this post, we'll get to see first-hand the cleaning process of a hive within a wall. Luckily, this hive was just a few days old, so comb is light and lacks honey or brood. This type of comb is much easier to clean.

One thing that may not be clear from previous posts is that Honey Bee Relocation occurs before sunrise whenever possible. The reasons are pretty straightforward:

1. In Tucson in the summer, mid 90s before 8 o'clock isn't unheard of. Then the sun comes out.

2. Honey bees are all in the hive before sunrise, so no bees are lost during relocation due to foraging behaviors.

3. The honey bees are more calm. Although many of them sleep at night (foragers especially), the main reason for this is that without light, honey bees can't navigate. Therefore they tend to crawl rather than fly. Much easier to gather them that way.

Early in the removal - only about a third of the bees here. Another third are already in the bee vacuum. Last third are hiding outside the entrance in a "beard."

The sweet hum of the Bee Vac continues.

Just about finished! Ready to drive them off to the farm now!


Moving in! This hive was not in a particularly strong spot, and will be given drawn comb, sugar water, and pollen as well as a reduced entrance to give them the best possible chance.

To your health, Queen Anne!

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